The Note Project

Shortly after I started this site, I was watching a movie called The Ravenous. I planned to review it so I was taking notes while I watched it. That's my normal process. After the movie, I looked over my notes and found that I really liked them (aside from some typos that needed fixing). I decided to just post the notes that I had written. Doing this didn't mean that I couldn't write a real review later, or even use my thoughts on the movie as part of a bigger essay.

I liked this.

It has become a project. Some movies get full reviews. Some get notes. Some get both.

This post is a repository for links to the entries in this project. I plan to update it every time I add another Notes Taken piece. Below are the entries so far:

Les Affames (The Ravenous)

The Hole in the Ground


Silent Hill: Revelation

Girls with Balls


The Marshes


Mosquito State