Dabney Coleman Dead at 92

  Dabney Coleman was a formative part of my childhood. Not for his roles in The Man with One Red Shoe, Hot to Trot, 9 to 5 or so many other roles but for his work as Jack Flack in Cloak and Dagger. This underseen fantasy espionage film starring Henry Thomas (E.T. the Extra Terrestrial) as a kid who finds a secret microchip inside a video game cartridge and is instantly embroiled in spy business came and went without many people noticing. But, for a kid like me, it was an instant classic. I pried apart one of my Atari 2600 games just to see what I might find.                 Coleman sort of steals the show playing dual roles: Jack Flack, the imaginary super spy from a video game who exists as a child’s imaginary friend and stand-in father figure and Hal Osborne, the distant father who Jack is standing in for.                 It’s an extraordinary performance from one of the greats. Dabney Coleman passed on at the age of 92. A giant walked here, and now he is gone. RIP.


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