Alice, Sweet Alice

    Alice, Sweet Alice was released in 1976. It is one of the notorious "Video Nasties" that we like to discuss here. You might, at this point be wondering why a fairly obscure film from the middle of the 1970s was part of a moral panic in the 1980s. Hold on, I will explain.  Alice was initially released in the U.K. under the rather bland title, Communion and did very little box office.  It was re-titled for an American release under the snappier title above and languished a bit. Then something interesting happened.  Pretty Baby was released and became a big hit. I am not going to dig into the moral implications of that here, but might do so at another time. Brooke Shields was suddenly bankable and the distributors of Alice wanted to cash in. They did some editing to the film and changed the title to Holy Terror and sent it back out into the world. This time the U.K. labeled it a video nasty and siezed it.  The plot is pretty twisty for a so called video nasty.  Baby Brooke S

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