Notes taken while watching Mosquito State

     Creepy theremin like music and yellow background screams Giallo but I don't think that's what this is. Is that larvae? Okay, credits look like old timey medical drawings interapersed with bug life-cycle images. That should push some buttons.  Is the ickyness performative or is it building to something? I was bitten by a horse fly today, so maybe this is playing to that in my mind. The CGI is weak. Fancy people at a fancy party. They are instantly boring.  Is this guy creepy? Or does he just need a user manual for his body? Nice shot of a spiral staircase from below. Is that Taika Waititi? No. It isn't.  Damn. Taika had a great cameo in The Suicide Squad,  which was a mostly delightful movie.  This dude is very odd. He hasn't spoken yet and looks extremely uncomfortable to exist. The pretty blonde is going to his apartment for some reason.  His apartment is very American Psycho. Her cat ran away apparently.  He didn't notice a mosquito in the collar of his shirt

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