Prospero lights a cigarette, burns his books and walks into the ocean

 Have you ever been trapped on a strange island with weird people who may be monsters? Has a wizened old man conjured a violent storm to punish you? Were there songs involved? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be a character from Shakespeare.    Or, if the storm is a real Shit Storm, maybe you’re a character from the wonderful land of  Troma !   Lloyd Kaufman , co-founder of TROMA, writer, director, producer, creative genius, an uncle to the world of weird, brought the world Shakespeare’s Shitstorm , a wild reimagining of the Bard’s classic play. Kaufman directed, co-wrote (with Gabriel Friedman and Brandon Bassham) and stars as  Prospero . This brash, weird retelling of The Tempest sees Prospero luring a ship full of pharmaceutical executives to Tromaville to punish them for their bad behavior.    It is full-on, off the rails, brain on fire levels of bonkers Troma goodness and you need it in your life. You need it, most of all, on    a big, big screen in a theater

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