Notes taken while watching The Marshes

Young scientists are discussing life. This is an okay way to open and we already know about tension with someone named Ben.

And here's Ben.

They're going to the marshes.

What percentage of movies put credits over driving scenes? Who started this anyway? It works, I guess.

Malaria is a concern.

Discussing types of crows strikes a chord in my heart. I love crows.

There's a dog named Cerberus.  Cute.

The locals don't care for the scientists and their fancy ways.

Dead Kangaroo. Nasty.

Ben has some things in common with Thanos. He's not wrong: humans are stupid and dangerous.

The local was mean to the woman scientist, whose name I still don't think I've heard. She seems to be in charge here.

This mostly looks like a camping trip at this point.  They have tents and a fire.

I think this is Australian folklore that they are discussing.  I should really look up "Bilabong" as I have heard the word a few times but have no clue what it means. Is it a body of water?

It's a fun campfire story and it serves to set the mood. So far this flick is checking the boxes in the right order.

Hunter couple is gutting a pig that they have hung from a tree. They seem menacing.  So does the music.


The pig head is in the fire.

Deliverance nod is a bit much. Saying "squeal like a pig" right after a sodomy reference is a little more than on the nose.

Hiking at sunset makes for pretty shots

These scientists don't seem to science much. It's more of a camping trip really.

So, most dangerous game, Hills Have Eyes sorta thing maybe?

The obligatory campfire sex scene is under lit.

The scary scene was just a dream trope is played out, guys.  Let's stop doing it.

Creepy microscopic biology montage is nice.

I may be confused.  Is everyone but Pria dead now? If so, how is Ben cooking breakfast.

Oh. I see. That image is creepy without context.

The university has rules!

The marsh is a creepy place.

Ben is being weird.

Are the hunters after them or is it something else? Is it Ben?

Someone is cutting her tent. If this is another dream I will be annoyed.

We are under lit and out of focus.  Hiding the person / creature  hunting her.

And she's waking up in her tent. Was it a dream again?

Is Pria the monster?

The boys left Pria alone.

Pig noises.

Australia is pretty.

Ben and Will are lost. That may not end well.

Cerberus is a good dog. Pria should stay close to him.

And now we are at the found footage portion of our program.

Someone has the hunter on a rope.

Pig ghosts?
Probably not.

Hunter is being field dressed.

Squelching noise and lots of gore.

Unsure why


So is it the campfire story come to life?

Oooohhhhh! A vanishing woman.

The characters are really thin and that hurts this. It's working,  but it could work better if you you can pick up what I'm putting down.

Poor Ben.

Hooks and such.

He's bait. Don't do it.

Upside down Ben is tough.

H.G.L. level gore here.

It seems kinda of late in the game to add a motif, but whatevs.

This morphed into a Blair Witch type thing.

I wonder if they kicked the map into a stream.

Snakes were the real villains the entire time.

Maybe the real swagman was the friends we made along the way.

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