Notes Taken While Watching Aterrados (Terrified) while lying in bed

I think this is an Argentinean movie. I've never heard of it, but It's on Shudder so I am giving it a shot.

The music is creepy right up front.

Foreboding dishwashing.

I think that's the first faucet powered jump scare in history.

Scenes of domesticity... they seem like a normal couple, but she's hearing voices.

Probably old pipes.

This scene is slightly under lit, the music is slow and somber,  and she's concerned about voices in the kitchen. Good mood building.

Did... did they go right to bed after she told her husband that the voices threatened to kill her?

Thumping noise through the wall. Exorcist vibes.

The husband is going to confront the neighbor and I realize that I'm a bit on edge even though nothing has happened.  It's the lighting,  the music, and the wonderful sound design.  Plus the actress playing the wife has some chops.

The neighbor isn't answering the intercom.  I wonder why?

The thump thump noises are coming from inside the house!

Okay then. This guy's reaction is really muted when he walks into the bathroom to find his blood soaked wife levitating and being slammed into walls by an unseen force. It could be because the effect is kinda comedic when it should be terrifying.

The previously quiet, creepy score has gone off the rails.  I want to say that the music is overwrought,  but it's too overwrought for that.

And now husband is in an interrogation room.

Maybe it's an asylum.

Oh. These are the people telling him that this has happened before.  That's where we're going.

Now we meet the neighbor,  Walter.

I am very bored .

I should not be bored.

I am.