Notes Taken While Watching Girls With Balls

Singing cowboy? Okay then.

Is this dubbed or is my stream funky?

A lot of screaming during this volleyball game. Is this parody ? Not sure yet, but it definitely thinks it's a comedy.

Trash talking .

What's this now? The credits scream 80s raunchy comedy.

These girls are mean. They're mean girls.

The music thinks this is an 80s sex comedy.  Is it 1986 in France?

Quick cuts of RV driving.

The singing cowboy is back and he's getting super meta. So, it's that kind of movie I guess.

"Do not touch me with your tongue!"

I think the coach is dumb.

Do we need to watch them urinate?

The coach squats to pee too. Because he's gay.  Get it? Har har it's funny.

Foreboding woods.

Creepy steps to an abandoned looking building.  The music knows something bad is about to happen.

Sweaty guy sharpening knives while other creep looking dude spits in a glass and a Hills Have Eyes looking motherfucker scowls. Yeah, nothing bad is going to happen.

And for no reason one of the girls is doing a stripper routine.  What the hell, movie.

Holy shit! That's Denis Lavant. Have you seen Holy Motors? You should see Holy Motors.  I should be watching Holy Motors right now. It's a glorious , unexpected gem of a movie.  One of the best of the decade.

I lost track. What's happening here? The coach is yelling at everyone.  They're back on the RV.

The Volleyball talk isn't very interesting.

Isn't this a horror movie? When does the horror happen? Or the comedy? We could use some of that too.

The goddamn cowboy is singing a meta song again.  So anyway,  Holy Motors is a deeply surreal film that is by turns hilarious,  frightening,  confusing and deeply moving.  It's a must watch.

Denis has a chihuahua and it's a good dog.

Hey! He shot one of the girls in the hand.

So then, French hillbilly family is hunting the girls. That's what this is.

Speaking of surreal horror, I could rewatch Rubber.

So this is an outrageous comedy mashup of The Most Dangerous Game and Hills Have Eyes sorta?

Calm girl got shot in the head. This should be really tense, but the sheer unreality of the comedy has undercut that. We can't take any of this seriously now. The bad dubbing isn't helping either .

They split up. That's not a good idea .

This movie needs to make a decision.  Does it want to be a comedy,  and action thriller,  or a horror film? Right now it isn't working as any of those.

Oh good. The coach is having an existential crisis.

Where was I? Oh yeah, in Holy Motors Denis Lavant travels around in a limousine getting involved in people's lives is strange ways. It has the best accordion scene ever put on film.

Here it is:

Seriously,  watch it.

It looks like the girls are in trouble.

If only they could get along and work together.

Bear traps.

Religious Boy Scouts of some sort. They don't want to help. Is this satire? I cannot tell.

Nice exploding head!

This film has some issues with homophobic content.

There's a duck.

Wait a damn minute.  That's no duck! That's a man in a gilley suit with a decoy strapped to his head for some reason.

Did i take a powerful hallucinogen earlier? I feel like maybe I did...

Headless dude been walking around spraying blood for two minutes.  That doesn't seem super realistic.

The camera really likes to focus on the butts of these girls in their short shorts, especially when they bend over,  crawl or stretch.  It feels intentional. Maybe I'm crazy.

The coach just ripped the little chihuahua in half and I'm done friends.  This film is trash.

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