Notes taken while watching Poseidon

Kurt Russel is a gruff dad, which I mean he was Snake so this is sad 

It's a big boat. We get it.

 Shit, Dreyfus is acting. For real acting. Someone should tell him what movie he's in. 

Where do I know Josh Lucas from?

 This movie is only ten minutes in and it already needs some Shelley Winters.

 Andre Braugher is a great choice for a captain. 

Who the hell is Fergie again? 

How many times we need to establish that Kurt is angry that his daughter is banging the goofy boy? We get it movie. 

Josh Lucas a has painful smile. It looks like it hurts a lot. Also, why is he damp? 

So, this movie is a Fergie video in disguise

. Do rich people go in like carnival cruises? I don't feel like that's right, is it? 

Happy New Year. Even the staff is getting hammered for some reason. 

Dreyfus attempts to attempt suicide but is frightened by the big wave. Ship be flip ya'll. 

This boat takes a long time to turn over. In the original Gene Hackman played the best angy preacher ever

That kid's done for.

 Kurt fucking Russell used to be a fireman!!! I hope the backdraft doesn't kill him!!! Did they re-write the character when they hired Kurt? I need to know. Also how is an ex-firefighter like a suave billionaire or something? He has diamonds cufflinks. Diamond. Cufflinks. 

Josh Lucas is stealing from the dead. 

Kurt knows disaster scenarios. Why? He's Kurt Russelling the hell out of this role and I love it. 

They are going to the disco. 

Freddy Rodriguez was almost a big star. He really should be. He's always great. 

This doesn't look safe. I hope Dreyfus has a good belt. 

There's a lot of acting talent in this cast but damn is it male centered. Jacinda Barrett is only woman getting any focus here and it isn't much focus. 

Who was still giving Dean Devlin big budgets in 2006? 

Dreyfus got over murdering Freddy pretty fast. 

Kurt was mayor of new York.

 No way does Lucky Larry survive. By the way, is Kevin Dillon exactly 65% Matt Dillon?

 Josh Lucas is a crazy sonofabitch. 

Fergie and Andre died in each other's arms. That's sweet.

 Elana is going to get them killed. This concept would make a pretty good video game,, I think. 

How do all of these people have their eyes open underwater? That's not right. It's hellish. This isn't me being weird, i am correct here. Watch Olympic swimming. They wear goggles. Goggles dammit! 

This same scene was better in Alien Resurrection. 

Kurt's explaining how fire kills people. Good thing he was a firefighter before he was Mayor of New York before he was a suave billionaire. 

Is the ship going to flip back over? If it does, this movie will win me over.

Is this the end for Kurt Russell? Poor Macready is dead.

Things look bad for the few remaining survivors. I wonder if they will make it out alive.

Even dead, Kurt Russell saves the day!

Dreyfus finally got to jump off the boat.

I hope someone will share a door with him.

Paddle fast guys!

This second boat flip is too little too late.

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