Nathan Tyree - Editor in Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer. Nathan is a hermit who writes fiction, poetry, and other stuff. He has edited several E-Zines, Sites, Journals and things. His fiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of Journals, anthologies, magazine, and websites. He sometimes wears a beard. He is also one of the hosts of Bloodfest, a podcast about horror, cult, grindhouse, and sleazy movies. Check it out at: Bloodfest the Podcast or search your favorite podcast app.

Zack Wilson - Contributor.

Zack Wilson is a writer from Sheffield, in the North of England. He used to write short fiction and his novel is available from Epic Rites Press.  It's called Stumbles and Half Steps and it can be purchased on Amazon


Bruce Robinson - Contributor.

 Bruce Robinson is a former art snob, a current existentialist, and a future lawyer. 


Lisa Marie Nohner - Contributor.  

Lisa Marie Nohner was raised by a pack of screaming TVs. She is an instructor at LSU where she teaches movies about shower girls and bleeding prom queens. She writes poetry about crystal lakes and short stories about dead bodies. Her work can be found in Shit's Fucked, Psychopomp, and crumpled under your bed. So is she. Don't turn on the light. 


Virginia Lee - Contributor.  

Virginia Lee was fortunate enough to live in or near Wilmington, North Carolina in the mid to late 1980s when the film industry there was starting to take off. During that time she worked on seven different productions as a featured extra, as in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, or a regular extra on the films TRAXX, Track 29, Hiding Out, Collision Course, Dracula’s Widow, and the television miniseries Windmills of the Gods. After working for a decade as an actor regional theatre, Lee retired from the stage and went back to college and achieved a Liberal Arts BA in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. Today Lee writes colloquial fiction, personal essays, and more. You can find some of her short fiction at The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature which is one of the longest running online literary zines around. Mrs. MagnumEdam ElvisA Chocalate TaleRusty Roses 


Emily G - Logo Design.

Emily G made her fortune in the Lucite mines of Eastern Mars in the halcyon days before the third war destroyed the beer battering industry. These days she sings back-up on instrumental jazz albums and trains stoats to play bridge.  Her address in unlisted.