Do you want to write for us? We're looking for essays, reviews, rants, manifestos,  and screeds of at least 300 words. The work should be about,  or at least touch on some aspect of entertainment (Film, TV, Music, Books, Comic Books, Video Games, etc).

Send it to nathanctyree (AT) yahoo DOT com. Put Couch Thing in the subject line.

We are happy to take previously published items.

Have an idea for a longer,  multiple part project? Want to write a series of articles about the suits Jerry Orbach wore in various episodes of Law and Order? Want to use episodes of Full House to illustrate the various schools of Ethics? Send your pitch to the same address.

We cannot yet pay. Sadly we don't make money from this. The hope for the future is that we will be able to monetize.  If that happens,  we will slide some coppers your way if we have published something of yours.


  1. You want other people to watch movies, read, people watch, notice things or some variation of those and then write about it? You did realize how much paying attention that was before you posted this right? Fine, FINE. Email sent.


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