Guest Stars

 On Bloodfest the Podcast, we love to have guests. If you work in horror or a horror podcast, shoot us an email at

Previous guests:

Larry Fessenden

Larry is a prolific actor, writer, director and producer. His films include Depraved, Habit, The Last Winter and Wendigo.  His podcast, Tales From Beyond the Pale can be found here

Chad Crawford Kinkle

Chad Kinkle is the award winning writer and director of Jug Face and Dementor. More info can be found here

Sarah Lind

 Sarah Lind is a well known and widely loved actor best known for A Wounded Fawn, The Humanity Bureau and Wolf Cop. Link

Jason Stein

Jason is the host of Dads From the Crypt, a podcast about the classic HBO series Tales From the Crypt.