The Talisman is the latest project from the Duffer brothers and Spielberg

 It seems like just yesterday that I said something about Stephen King having a movie and TV moment. We have more news in that vein. It seems that another Steve, this one by the name of Spielberg, acquired the film rights to The Talisman, a dark fantasy novel co-written by Stephen King and the great Peter Straub (Shadowland, Ghost Story, Koko) way back in 1982.  It looks like something may finally come of that.

Spielberg's Amblin entertainment has teamed up with The Duffer Brothers, creators of Netflix's Stranger Things, to bring a television series adaptation of The Talisman to TV and computer screens via the ubiquitous Netflix.

This book is a bit of a sweet spot, combining fantasy, childhood, horror and wolves (wolfs). Spielberg and the Duffers are both known for understanding and working well with stories involving kids, so they seem like the correct team for this material.

H/THollywood Reporter