Stephen King is often called the Master of Horror. He is rapidly becoming the master of all things film and television. Adaptations of his work are nothing new. Everyone knows the classics (The Shining, Tthe Shawshank Repemtion, Stand by Me, Carrie, Cujo, etc) and the not so classics (Maximum Overdrive), but the novelist is really having a moment right now.

A new version of The Stand just finished up. The two film version of his magnum opus, IT, ruled theaters for a time. We have recently seen Doctor Sleep (a sequel to The Shining) and a remake of Pet Sematary

Now Jack Bender (of Under the Dome and Mr Mercedes (both King properties) is adapting Elevation, a sparse 144 page novella published by Scribner in 2018.  Speaking with Cinema Blend Bender said of his desire to adapt this book:

“It’s very out of Stephen King’s box of horror. It’s really about how we can all be better people. And it’s a wonderful story. It’s one of those little gems, and I felt that from when I first read it.”

We don't have a lot of details yet, but watch this space for more..