A Look Back or Something

We are starting a tradition. At the end of every year, Couch Thing will do a look back at the year that is ending. Since we have only been doing this for a couple of months, this post will be pretty short. Next year we should have more to say. Without further ado, this is the year that was.

Our most popular posts (judged by page views) were:

Zombie Culture Seems Like More Than Just a Pile of Chairs

The New Flesh

Purgatory Road

I'd Like to Come Back Inside

C3-PO is Better Than R2-D2

 We had 73 articles. Most of them written by Nathan Tyree. We also had contributions from Bruce Robinson, and Zack Wilson. We hope to have many new contributors in the coming year.

We started a Facebook page (find a link in the profile or under 'BLEG').

We have had a lot of fun in the last few months. We trashed on Star Wars, we talked a lot about zombies, we told you which sports movies you should like. We also tried to bring you some fun news items.

It's been a good start here at Couch Thing. Please join us in the coming years to see where this thing goes.