A Staggering work of Cinematic Genius about Talking Food

A Staggering work of Cinematic Genius about Talking Food 
Bruce Robinson

Anytime I start talking movies with someone new they always ask “What’s you’re favorite movie?” This question has vexed me for years. What makes a favorite movie? Should I pick a movie from my childhood that I still love? What about a really terrific example of cinema? What if I pick a movie that I used to love but realize how poorly it has aged? These questions bump around my brain endlessly every time I am faced with this dreaded question. This week however I think I got my answer, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theatres. I was re-watching this cinematic disaster for what feels like the thousandth time when I realized what a staple it was in my life. I could literally watch this on repeat for days on end without a problem. 

Now before the judgement comes out, let’s lay out the facts:

1.       ATHF is one of the basest forms of comedy imaginable
      2.      This movie is not good, it is a mess
      3.    This is probably no one else’s favorite film

So with those facts set out, why in the world would this be my favorite film? Simple, it makes me happy. When I watch this I don’t worry, I don’t think  I just enjoy the ride. I have owned this DVD for a decade which just adds to the joy it brings. I have shared this movie with so many friends over the years and just watching it alone in the dark makes me remember those times. Friends I haven’t seen in years, that have passed away, and even the proprietor of this blog. Just listening to the DVD intro music can transport me back to my tiny apartment in college and all my worries wash away.
My favorite film is Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theatres and I am not ashamed. As a matter of fact, no one should be ashamed of what they enjoy. I realize that looking at the world with a critical eye all the time can take the fun out of living. This film will help me remember not to take the world so seriously all the time.


Bruce Robinson is a former art snob, a current existentialist, and a future lawyer.  

Master Shake "sculpture" above created by Jeremy Proffitt