The great Larry Fessenden loves the classic monsters. 

Fessenden’s first big feature film was Habit, a vampire tale that may not contain a vampire. Habit is a clever, touching and sometimes chilling exploration of alcoholism. Fessenden stars (as well as writing and directing) as a man sliding into a black hole of self-destruction and obsession.  


As his career grew he tackled the Wendigo and other monsters on his way to his own retelling of Frankenstein, Depraved.  Now, his latest film takes on one of the most enduring monster myths. The Werewolf!


Blackout, starring Marshall Bell (Starship Troopers), KevinCorrigan (The Departed, Community), Barbara Crampton (Suitable Flesh, From Beyond) and James Le Gros (The Last Winter, Drugstore Cowboy) is a new take on the classic problem of lycanthropy.

People have been concerned with shapeshifters for as long we have existed. It may be going slightly off topic, but I have always thought that the existence of the Uncanny Valley is related to our innate terror at things that look human but aren’t and things that don’t look quite human but are.


A shroud of secrets hangs over Talbot Falls, a once serene town now marred by whispers of death. Drawn by an invisible thread, Charley, a painter etched with the weariness of time (played by the ever-engrossing Alex Hurt), returns after a self-imposed exile. Haunted by cryptic bruises upon his awakening and rumors of bloody demise in the encroaching woods, he grapples with his own existential crossroads. Beneath the idyllic facade, the shadows grow longer as the woods themselves are sacrificed to pave the way for a towering new estate. A project, ironically, once championed by Charley's deceased father. Now, armed with unearthed secrets hinting at duplicity, Charley finds himself face-to-face with his father's enigmatic business partner, Hammond (the masterful Marshall Bell). An unsettling reunion where past grievances fester, and the lines between truth and deceit blur with every chilling revelation. Can Charley untangle the town's secrets, confront his personal demons, and find redemption? Or will he become another tragic footnote in the chilling saga of Talbot Falls?

Blackout is coming soon and we cannot wait!