My stupid brain wants to get confused, but anyway Lloyd Kaufman you guys!


Sometimes my brain works against me. I should, at this very moment, be writing Something about Bloodfest the podcast and the quickly approaching pair of events in Springfield and St. Louis Missouri. The idiots (I being the king idiot) at Bloodfest, somehow stumbled into working for Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment (more on that in a bit). But, all my dumb brain can manage are stupid musings like the following:

Is Jason Vorhees interested in ethics? Can any slasher have a moral foundation and still be a slasher? If we agree, arguendo, that such a construct is possible, what would it look like? Perhaps it is best to look to the great Cormac McCarthy and his novel No Country For Old Men. Therein is a character named Anton Chigur. Chigur is an implacable, unstoppable killer. He is described as being akin to a force of nature. Once he is on your scent, you are dead even if you don’t realize it.

There is a moment in the book where Chigur utters a very telling line:

“If the rule you followed led you to this, of what use was the rule?” McCarthy here seems to understand that a principle is only good insofar as it leads to good outcomes. Doing a thing “for the principle” gives us no window into the ethical value of the action. We must see the effect in order to judge it.


Why am I thinking about this stuff? Who knows!


Anyway, here’s what I am meant to be writing about:

When we interviewed Lloyd Kaufman for Bloodfest,  we somehow discussed setting up a screening of a Troma movie. I got right to work, and...

 This is what is was all about! Bloodfest the Podcast and Troma along with Alamo Drafthouse (and under the direction of the space vampires, working in conjunction with the Rand corporation) present Lloyd Kaufman for a double feature of The Toxic Avenger and Shakespeare’s Shit Storm!


Come on along!

See the sights! Hear the sounds! Smell the odors!