Blood, it gets everywhere


If you aren’t listening to or watching Bloodfest the Podcast, you have missed a lot. Over the last year or so we learned about the murder in Josh’s building and the bizarre lengths he went to solve it. Joey’s brush with death when he first encountered edibles. Nate’s nemesis, Doug Jones and why you should fear him. How Casey almost got accused of international terrorism, and what Viagra had to do with it. If Nate shoved someone into a thresher and watched them die. Why friend of the show Larry Fessenden built the Orca (the Jaws boat). How Sarah Lind tried to impress Nicolas Cage. Why Lloyd Kaufman is hanging out with the Bloodfest idiots in Missouri. Sean Whalen’s thoughts on sentient cum rags. What Harley Wallen thinks of survival horror. Lydia’s entry into a wet Tshirt contest. Oh, and sometimes we talk about horror movies.

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