One Angry Snow Cone

  This week the the Bloodfest gang chose chaos. Literally minutes before recording they ditched their plan for the episode and had to start almost from scratch. Halfway through recording, Joey's cat danced on a keyboard and somehow deleted the video feed, so Joey had to recreate it in real time while they recorded. Start over? Edit? Never! We're doing it live!

The goons talked through Jack Frost (1997), not to be confused with Jack Frost (1988). That's right - Jack Frost, the movie about sentient snow on a comedic killing spree that was almost directed by Renny Harlin at the top of his career!

Then it was on to There's Something Wrong with the Children, a brand new creepy kids killing befuddled adults movie that may or may not involve insect monsters.

Just when they though it was over, Joey woke up and took control of the show to tell everyone that this is a true crime show now, and somehow onions are involved.

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