A Habit of Depravity: A Night With Larry Fessenden


A Habit of Depravity: A Night With Larry Fessenden by Bloodfest the Podcast.

Friends, followers, weirdos in the crawl space – we have some big news. Sunday, January 29th 2023 at 8:05PM Central time Bloodfest the Podcast will be livestreaming on Youtube and Twitch. We will be talking with horror maestro Larry Fessenden, the director of Habit, The Last Winter, Depraved, Beneath, Wendigo and others. Fessenden is also a prolific actor, appearing in such films as Jakob’s Wife, Offseason, The Dead Don’t Die, The Mountain, The Ranger, Like Me, Southbound, Carnage Park, We are Still Here, Stake Land, I Sell the Dead, House of the Devil, The Brave One, Session 9, Bringing Out the Dead, Animal Factory, River of Grass and many more.  His TV credits include Fear Itself, The Strain, Louie, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Third Watch and more. 

He has been a mentor to Ti West, Kelly Reichardt, Jim Mickle and other great film makers. 

Larry is joining us to talk about his career as a director, writer, actor and producer as well as horror, the state of society, climate change, and anything else we can think of. 

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