The Terror of the Terror At Blood Fart Lake

 Look, I enjoy bad movies. I enjoy very bad movies.  An evening spent watching Plan 9 From Outer Space, or Santa Clause Meets the Ice-cream Bunny is my idea of fun. I have sat through multiple viewings of The Room and Manos Hands of Fate. I not only watched Birdemic, but even sought out Birdemic 2. All of this is just to say that I have a very high tolerance for absolute dreck.


And yet.


One of our co-hosts (Joey) tricked the gang into watching a “movie” called Terror at Blood Fart Lake.  The title should have been enough to send the rest of us into open revolt, but somehow we were deceived.

Nathan, Josh and Casey have sworn vengeance on Joey for this abomination. 

Watch or listen to the episode to learn how we all feel about an inexplicable 20s era flapper, Hambone, Dollar Store Andrew Dice Clay, a generic stoner, a goth girl who gets horny wrong, Fright Rags and the founder of Fright Rags, pants shitting, gas tank pissing, bikini shitting, misplaced music and a lake named Blood Fart.

As an added bonus, the Goons discuss the late 80s direct to video horror calamity that is Bloody New Year.

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