Five Great Slashers to Keep You Warm this Halloween


It’s almost Halloween, friends. Spooky season is well underway and that means that it is time to pick some movies to watch.  This year Couch Thing is giving you a list of five great slashers to keep you warm while you sip something pumpkin spice flavored (or some well-aged bourbon, it’s up to you)


5. Sleepaway Camp


This grisly little slasher takes place at a summer camp, and unlike Friday the 13th, it features actual campers- kids in danger from a mad killer. It is grimy and sleazy and has amazingly inventive and gory kills. Plus a twist that has become iconic!


4. The Burning


Another summer camp where things go badly for the people involved. This one is a take on the Cropsey urban legend. It features very earlier appearances from Holly Hunter and George Costanza himself, Jason Alexander. The killer uses huge garden shears as his primary weapon and they come in handy for one massive kill that involves people on a raft. Great effects by the master Tom Savini.


3. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning


A New Beginning takes Friday 13th back to its whodunit roots. Tommy Jarvis finds himself in the Pinehurst Halfway House with other troubled teens. The young people are slaughtered one by one by Jason – or, are they? Is this really Jason Vorhees back from the dead, or is someone else playing the part?


2.  Hatchet


2006 gave us Hatchet, a humorous throw back to the early days of slashers. It features Victor Crowley, a hulking and deformed killer lurking in the swamps. Hatchet is a must for anyone who loves the classic slasher tropes!


1.       Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2


Tobe Hooper returns to his roots with this follow-up to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface is back along with an extended Sawyer family.  The best part of this movie is the way each member of the cast approaches it as if they are in different movies. Caroline Williams is serious and grounded, she is in a terrifying horror movie.  Bill Moseley plays Chop Top over the top, in an absurd comedy. Then there’s Dennis Hopper. I have come to believe that Hopper was trapped in a time loop where he finished up his roles in Apocalypse Now, then lost his mind making The Last Movie over and over again, possibly for eons, and somehow Tobe Hooper plucked him out of that loop and dropped him into TCM 2. It’s the only thing that makes sense.