Notes Taken while watching Orphan First Kill

 Spoilers ahead!

Notes taken while watching Orphan: First Kill.

Okay, she is definitely much older than in the first movie and I can't be the only one who thought she looked to old then.

Russian asylum is nicer than I expected. 

What's going to happen is kind of obvious. Not really building tension. 

Okay, this is actually really well done effects-wise. I get What's happening.  Oversized props, people with huge platform shoes, using a kid for the shots from behind,  having the actress walk through an unseen trench. It all works so much better than the dodgy digital shrinking from Lord of the Rings. 

And that's the first, second and third kill of the movie. 

Now she's Esther. 

How rich is this fucking family? Eat the rich and all. I guess I have to root for the Orphan. 

The cop is on to her! 

I think this movie has a twist coming.  The brother killed Esther,  right?

Julia Stiles is good in this. Also hot.

Okay though,  why doesn't she want the parents to have sex? That's weird. 

Teen party. 

I wonder if Lizzy Borden was innocent?

This film has certain similarities with The Stepfather starring Terry O'Quinn.  I wonder what ever happened to him.

Maybe the mom is on to her!

She's gonna kill the cop.

Good stabbing. Lotsa blood. 

What the hell Julia Stiles!

I knew it!!!

8Oh! And it's about being rich and white.  I knew these people were the baddies.  

I like the rat.

The psycho brother likes archery. Should have named him Kevin.

Okay, so our Orphan is a conwoman and a killer. The brother is a psyco killer (fa fa fa fa fa) and sexy Julia Stiles is a sociopath.  Great family. 

Oh no! The rat. The rat is gonna get poisoned i think.

Maybe the dad is okay. I bet he married into the money.  Probably came from real people. 

You don't see a bunch of great artists working in blacklight posters these days. Need more Velvet.

Poor rat is dead. 

That smoothie looks like poison. 

Rat smoothie. Yum.

I really and truly am rooting for murder Orphan. 

Really? A foil Kevin? 

Nice stabbing. 

Aha. The house fire. 

All in all not bad.