TV Endings

Ending a TV series is hard to do.  It's especially hard to do well.

 There are some very famous examples of shows that really pulled it off perfectly. M*A*S*H famously finished up its eleven year run with what was to be the most watched TV event of all time (non-sports TV event, obviously – this list at Wikipedia shows the thirty events with the highest ratings ever. The M*A*S*H finale comes in at number nine. The other twenty-nine of them are all Super Bowls).   The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cheers both got it mostly right. Recently Community did pretty well, and The Good Place finished up in a way that was almost perfect.

Most shows kind of blow it, though. 

Gizmodo has a list of shows that rushed it.

I find their list mostly compelling. However, Quantum Leap's ending, while rushed, always seemed fair and right. What do you think? What shows really nailed the ending and which ones screwed it all up?