Hard determinist philosophy is a weird thing to make a tv show about.

Couch Thing is going to cover Devs. We will be reviewing each episode in depth,  but we will also do some random,  loose articles about it. This is one of the second variant.

These are basically random thoughts I had while watching the first two episodes of Alex Garland's new miniseries.

Nick Offerman just had a lovely cameo on the finale of The Good Place (as fine a chair as I've ever seen). It's weird to see this darker role from him so soon after that.

I am guessing that the thesis of this show is hard determinism of some sort. I don't believe in free will (don't @me, but if you do it's only because you could not have done otherwise), so this should be up my alley.

Offerman just appeared on a show that was about ethics,  and now this. Is he the go to for philosophy on TV? Maybe he should be.

This show is very Alex Garland,  but more Ex Machina than Annihilation.

Devs has some of the most striking set design I have ever seen.

It's a mystery,  but in the Columbo mold. We know who done it right away.

I feel like this is meant to be structured more like a novel than a movie.  Given Garland's background that makes sense.

Stay tuned. I will be reviewing the first two episodes as soon as I have finished processing them.