Stranger Things meets The Thing

It's cold and bleak. Snow blankets everything.  You can hear dogs barking.  Something ancient and evil lurks near. Something that infiltrates,  that copies.  It can look like someone you know and trust and that means no one can be trusted.

We are describing John Carpenter's classic Cosmic horror film, The Thing.

Or maybe we're describing season 4 of Netflix's Stranger Things.

Netflix has released a teaser for the upcoming season of the hit show. It reveals that Hopper is alive,  and that the mysterious American being held by the Russians at the end of season three was the lovable sherriff after all.

There is a definite The Thing vibe in this trailer.  That makes sense. ST riffs on all things 80s horror and it's clear that Hawkins is situated in a county that is at least adjacent to Lovecraft country.

Are you as excited for more Stranger Things as we are?

Hat tip to Nerdist