Ranking the Bat Men but not the lips of Batman

Here at Couch Thing we like to look around and see what other, vastly more successful web sites are doing and ask: how can we copy, rip-off, spoof, react to, or complain about that? Gizmodo is ranking BatmanLips for some reason. We think that’s dumb (and also, come on man, Val Kilmer? Everybody knows that Michael Keaton has the best lips of all of the Batmen!).

Instead of talking at length about the mouth hole areas of men who have played Bruce Wayne, we would rather tell you which of those men was the best at being The Bat Man.

So, here is your definitive ranking of Batmen:

7. Ben Affleck
6. Robert Lowery
5. Val Kilmer
4. George Clooney
3. Christian Bale
2. Adam West
1. Michael Keaton

Anyway folks, that's our ranking of all the batmans up to but not including the next one.