Osgood Perkins to remake Friday the 13th

Osgood Perkins who gave the world The Blackcoat's Daughter wants to remake Friday the 13th.  Dread Central reports that the subject came up on a podcast.

In an interview with The Boo Crew podcast Perkins said:

"There was a time when I was kind of… I made the rounds… the only “guy” I wanted to be was… I would’ve happily been the guy to do Friday the 13th again. The rights to that are kind of like a real mess…it’s a hard one. And there’s a weird thing like you can have the rights to the title but you can’t have the rights to the mask. The mask and title are held by different people – I think Lebron James, actually, is involved. It’s the kind of thing like, you can’t have one without the other"