Notes taken while watching Friday the 13th Part 2

I have not seen this movie since I was a little kid. I have very little memory of it, so it should be close to a new experience for me. I would like to note that I am ill and have a fever so I may lack my normal wit.

Interesting that we open in a town. I was expecting boondocks.

Oh, dream sequence flashback.  Filling us in, maybe padding the run time.

Classic cat scare.

Jason left Crystal Lake?

Oh no. Head stabbing.

Now the movie proper starts.

Early 80s teens being very early 80s teens. Not to be that guy, but damb that girl's boobs are bouncing boobily.

Creepy old harbinger gives the warning.

They are all doomed. Doomed I says!

Tow truck driver is emotionless in the extreme.

It was a prank.

Nerdy guy is familiar.

Ah yes, cutting in to the pubch line of a joke that everyone knows.

Woods POV.

The Crystal Lake sign is in the woods abandoned.  Nerdy guy wants to fill us in, but the Audience already knows.

Now we meet the rest of the kids. They're a motley bunch.

This girl's shorts are too short to cover her bottom,  and her bottom is the only thing the camera man is aware of for some reason.

Dude just shot her in the ass with a slingshot.  Why is she not punching him?

It's hard to tell if any of them have names.

Jenny is late.

Phones don't work. That could be important later.

This movie is actually really slow to get going.

It's bear country.  I wonder if bears will attack.

This is pretty dreary and humorless so far.

Here's the campfire story. This I remember.  This scene would work better if the first film didn't exist, to be honest. I wonder if this scene was at least partially inspired by The Fog?

I mean, Jason doesn't exist is the first movie,  other than as a kid who was fridged. So, is this tall tale he is telling the other teens just bullshit? Does the story bring jason to life? What's the mechanism here?

How do they know Jason is a killer?

Oh my god that guy just popped his collar and I hope he dies first.

Jason POV with creepy Jason noise is fun.

Kids starting to split up. Always a mistake.

They're making out. That spells trouble.

Jason garrotes creepy old harbinger guy. That's the first kill of the story proper. It's a good gore effect.

Another warning about bears. Feel like that red herring was meant to go somewhere.

I want to say, if I am trying to find me missing dog and someone yells "lunch time"  I don't think fuck the dog, I need a burger and stop looking for my dog.

A couple is heading out to Camp Blood. But don't they know it's off limits?

And a cop showed up. I guess they are safe for now.

The cop is mean.

That shack is ramshackle.

I wonder if shack is derived from ramshackle or the other way around.

Hammer to the head.

So far Jason is not killing any kids at all. Only older men.

One of the young ladies is going skinny dipping alone at night. I note that this is the first nudity in the film. In my memory there was a lot of sex and nudity.  Interesting.

I guess, as a kid, the female nudity made an impression on me and had a bigger place in my memory of the film.

Someone stole her clothes while she was swimming.

Oh no! Scott has been trapped.

And his throat is slit. Kind of a mediocre kill , really.

And now we get exposition?

Oh, I guess this is when the sex happens.

I am starting to worry for the safety of these horny young people.

Machete to the face sends the wheelchair down precarious stairs.

And cut to sex scene.  That's jarring.

Jason made a human shish kabob of the post coital couple.

There's a big storm now.

We finally see Jason with the bag over his head.

This is also when we start seeing the moving and arranging of bodies that becomes a thing later in the series.

Paul and Jenny discover a lot of blood.

Where did Jason get those nice overalls?

Jenny holding a knife looks like wendy from The Shining.  That's on purpose.

Okay, this is genuinely tense.

Solid cat and mouse game.

This is the first actually scary sequence in this film.

So Jenny's empathy for Jason is what is going to save her.