Your Sister is a Werewolf - Muschietti Takes on The Howling

Andy Muschietti gave us IT and IT: Chapter II, so he likely has carte blanche in Hollywood at the moment.  Those two films grossed nearly 1.2 Billion dollars combined and had pretty solid reviews. In fact, some people think that Pennywise deserves an Oscar. Fans have been waiting to hear what Andy wants to do next, and now we may know.

According to The Hashtag Show, he will be directing a remake of The Howling for Netflix.

For those not in the know, The Howling is a classic werewolf movie directed by Joe Dante from a script by John Sayles and Terrence H. Winkless. Sayles was a Roger Corman protege who gave us such great schlock movies as Piranha, then went on to be become a critical darling by making films like Lonestar.

The Howling stars Dee Wallace (yes, THAT Dee Wallace) as an investigative journalist who is nearly killed while helping the police capture a serial killer that has been stalking her. To recover, she goes to an idyllic country retreat where it turns out there are, GASP!, werewolves.

It is a strange, gory, film that is by turns very funny and very scary. It launched a raft of sequels that were progressively dumber and less fun.

If anyone is going to make this movie, I am kind of glad that it's Andy Muschietti, since he's already shown us he can handle an update to a classic horror tale.

-Nathan Tyree