What's next for the tethered?

Jordan Peele gave the world a beautifully  realized universe in his second feature film,  Us. If you haven't seen it (how can you not have seen it?)  Then be warned that here there be spoilers.  

At the end of the film the tethered seem to have taken control of the surface world and are recreating Hands Across America.  You likely wondered what they would do next.

Jordan Peele tries to answer that question in a new interview at Collider

“The shorthand cheap version that I sor of would throw out as the general starting point guideline is, they’re doing what we’re doing but the scary version. Whatever that means, it’s the scary version. And the momentum that we’re trying to build thematically in the movie is trying to get to this idea that the version up here, the normal version, may be just as crazy as the below version even though we’re used to this kind of insanity. You know, our mania is in consumerism and one-upmanship, in cutting our faces open, going to amusement parks where we pay money to get in these devices where we scream. I wanted to sort of put this connection together [so], at the end of the film, you’re sort of left unsure who the scarier ones are.”

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