The Trailer for Devs has Dropped

Alex Garland has given us some powerful entertainments. His screenplay for Danny Boyle's 28 Days later helped to change the film landscape. When Garland made the jump to directing he came out of the gate at full speed with Ex Machina, then followed that up with the exquisite Annihilation.

Next up, Garland is doing a limited series for FX on Hulu (also called Hulu's FX Hub or somesuch) which is somehow a thing that we have to pay for now I guess. 

The new series is called Devs, and beyond the fact that it is Science Fiction of some sort, I really haven't heard much about it.  The trailer looks fascinating. It has some serious visual flair; it seems to be setting up a mystery; there's some deep level weirdness. It looks very much like what I would expect Garland to be up to at this point.