The Thing rises from a Frozen Hell

John Carpenter's The Thing is Couch Thing's favorite movie. You should know that about us.

When the recent sequel slash reboot came out a few years ago we were excited.  In the end, we were disappointed.  Generally speaking,  these things shouldn't be done.

Now we have gotten word that Blumhouse, fresh off the huge success of their Halloween sequel slash reboot, is planning something new.

The Thing was based on John W. Campbell's novella Who Goes There. That novella was based on a novel that remained unpublished until recently.  Frozen Hell has gotten a lot of attention since being unearthed and published.  Blumhouse is apparently using it as the basis for a new movie version of The Thing.

Are we excited? Maybe a little.  If they can treat the material with the reverence it deserves and maybe give us some solid practical FX this could be something to behold.

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