The First Annual Couch Thing Movie Award

Couch Thing recently suggested that our readers could do a better job picking the best film of the year than the MPAA could. You can read that post here.

We narrowed down the choices to:

The Nightingale
The Irishman
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
The Lighthouse
Knives Out
Little Women
Dolemite is My Name
The Farewell
And asked people to vote in the comments. I decided to also include comments on our Facebook page as well. Here's how the voting went:
We had one vote apiece for Us, Ad Astra, The Lighthouse and Little Women. Two votes for Midsommar an two votes for Dolemite is My Name.  So, we have a tie.

The Couch Thing Best Movie of the Year Award goes to both Dolemite is My Name and Midsommar. The producers of these films are encouraged to contact Couch Thing to receive their plaques.