I'm Pitching an Obi-Wan Kenobi Show to Disney

Disney wants to do a TV show about Obi-Wan Kenobi for some reason. The Mandalorian has been a big hit as well as being very well received by critics and fans alike, so it makes sense that the nascent streaming service should be looking for more sweet, sweet Star Wars dollars to farm. I personally don’t get it, though. Really, haven’t we basically seen the entirety of Old Ben’s story arc by now? Didn’t we learn any lessons from the Han Solo movie?

Putting all of that aside, it seems like the House of Mouse is having some trouble bringing this project to the screen. If you’ve been following he stories this week you would have read that the show is: Cancelled. Not cancelled. Behind schedule. Ahead of schedule. Right on schedule. Being expanded to a higher number of episodes. Being scaled back. Being scaled back to a four episode limited series. Being retooled. On hold. On permanent hold. Made of cheese, maybe. Who even knows.

So, if Disney+ needs some help figuring out what to do with their Obi-Wan show, I have a pitch. If you know anyone at Disney, please feel free to share my idea. Here we go:

We pick up after the Death of Obi-Wan at the hands of Darth Vader. Obi is now a force ghost. Due to a series of unfortunate events he finds himself trapped in an X-Wing fighter. He has a certain limited amount of control over the ship and can communicate with the ship’s pilot.

We then meet Hardko-Gal Janisey, a young, slightly dim-witted and bumbling, but loveable force sensitive man who dreams of being a Jedi, despite his clumsiness and general buffoonishness. Obi finds himself guiding Hardko-Gal through various outrageous and hilarious situations, while also attempting to find the ancient Jedi wisdom that will allow him to free himself from his imprisonment in the X-Wing.

I see Patton Oswalt starring in this. You know he'd be perfect and has all the SW cred anyone could ever ask for.

That’s it, that’s the billion dollar idea that I need to get to Disney.

And if Disney needs more, my friend Emily suggests that we could sweeten the spot by including two baby Yodas.