I know why the chicken crossed the road

I'm a plastic bag specialist."

What did Jack Do? Is a short film created by the inimitable David Lynch. It's 17 minutes long and deeply weird.

The film, shot in moody black and white,  takes place in a locked down train station.  There may be a murderer on the loose according to the waitress.  Lynch plays a detective in the midst of an interrogation.  His quarry is a monkey in a business suit.

The dialogue is noir-adjacent, but with a decidedly Lynchian weirdness. There is something of Beckett here; a sadness that permeates the strange.

If the monkey were a man (and isn't that really the crux, the problem we face in this world? If only the  monkey were a man or vice versa) this would play like a b-movie police procedural.  But he isn't a man. He's just a monkey with a lovely singing voice.

Some of the sets evoke German expressionism of the silent era. The cinematography is lovely as well.

How does it play, though? Does this experiment work? It's funny and unnerving,  sure, but are we enlightened? Are we meant to be? Is Lynch just toying with us? Who knows.



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