Well fuck. Why not? Let's rate zombie movies.

The zombie genre was largely created by George A. Romero, and his movies remain the platonic ideal by which all other zombie movies must be judged. With that in mind, lets have a look at some of the best and most important entries in the genre. You can likely guess what movie rests at number one, but see what you think about the rest of our rankings.

25. Resident Evil
This video game adaptation is more supersoldier versus infected than standard zombie story, but manages some very clever set pieces.  It set the tone for an lot of large budget zombie fare to come.

24. Dawn of the Dead (Remake)
The only good film Zack Snyder has made. It takes the zombies in a mall premise and runs with it in fun directions.  The whole thing is buoyed by a stellar cast.

23. Overlord
The premise alone is worth the price of admission.  Nazi zombies in world War II somehow connected to the Cloverfield universe .

22. Dead snow
Nazi zombies again, but with tongue in cheek.

21. Fido
What if a boy and his dog story but the dog is a zombie? Clever fun anchored by Billy Connoly as the eponymous zombie.

20. Rec
Found footage super rabies in an enclosed space.

19. Little Monsters
A delightful comedy about an elementary teacher protecting children from zombies during a field trip.

18. The Beyond
Batshit crazy italian horror that sort of counts as a zombie movie.

17. Deadgirl
Zombie sex. We need not say more.

16. 28 Days Later
Fast zombies. Early use of digital cameras. Gritty zombie action glued together with top notch acting talent.

15. Zombi 2
Lucio Fulci's "sequel" to dawn of the dead featured a zombie fighting a shark. 'Nuff said.

14. Zombieland
Clever, cute, touching road picture against the back drop of the zombie apocalypse . Plus, Bill motherfucking Murry.

13. Cemetery Man
This is a weird one , kids.

12. Return of the Living Dead
Hilarious sequel to Night of the Living Dead.  This one creates the zombies eat brains trope.

11. The Battery
A lovely character study with zombies

10. Survival of the dead
Romero finally gets to that island.

9. Les Affames
Clever film with big idea(The Ravenous)s.

8. Night of the Living Dead
The granddaddy of them all

7. Pontypool
Maybe the first linguistic zombie story ever .

6.  Evil Dead 2
True madness mixed with extreme gore and three stooges level humor.

5.  Train to Busan
Zombies on a train. What more do you need?

4.  Land of the Dead
Romero trains is expert eye on capitalism and takes it down.

3.  One Cut of the Dead
Clever, funny, gory , unexpected Japanese zombie action that must be seen without spoilers.

2. Day of the Dead
Romero's third Zombie movie takes on the military,  and totalitarianism , as well as offering ideas about what zombies are and what they ard not that still resonate today.


Drum roll please...

Number 1. Dawn of the Dead
George A Romero transformed what a zombie movie could be. He created a biting, swiftian satire that aims its teeth directly at soulless consumerism , while also having time to take on militarized police,  racism, and the empty existence that modern life breeds. This is the greatest and most important zombie movie.

So, did we leave off something you love? Let us know in the comments.