The Peleton People

The internet seems to think that this new Peleton ad is horrifying, dark, grimly funny, etc. It seems like everyone  has a take on it. The thing is, they have all gotten it wrong.

The advertisement shows a thin woman being gifted a very expensive stationary bike for Christmas. Then we watch what amounts to a montage of her being tortured by this device. People have noted the look of terror in her eyes when she looks at the device.

Most people are equating this with horror films. To be specific it seems that many see this commercial as a sort of torture porn. While they are right to equate this with horror, they have the sub-genre wrong.

This is a psychological thriller that slowly reveals itself as Science Fiction.

 Peleton is clearly some sort of cult, and this poor woman is being brainwashed.  You can see it in her eyes.

See? She wants to escape. She is in mental anguish (maybe they have her child hidden away? Her dog? They have something to control her with). She needs to put on a brave face and pretend that she is with the program.

Slowly her resolve fades. She gives in. We watch this process. It is gut wrenching. Finally we see her fully assimilated. She is one of them now, one of the Peleton people.

Soon she will venture out to leave the Peleton pods in the homes of others in hopes of ensnaring more unfortunate people.

Soon the entire planet will be filled with mindless drones pedaling away.