Dracula Trailer

Dracula has appeared on film a time or two, friends. Maybe I'm underestimating that a bit. Maybe, just maybe, Dracula has been an absolute obsession for movie makers since the silent era. Nosferatu, starring the delightful Max Schreck (a name that just screams "He'a a vampire!) is one of the earliest. Tod Browning's Dracula starring the amazing Bela Lugosi is still the most iconic, best known version. Then there are all those Hammer films with Christopher Lee. Wikipedia even has an entire category of Dracula Films.

Now  Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen), who together created Sherlock and Jekyll (which, if you haven't seen please do as soon as possible), have come to Netfix with their own version of Stoker's classic tale.

Here's the trailer: