Terrifier is old school sleaze. This is low rent exploitation on a level that is rare these days. This is sort of sub- Larry Cohen weirdness bathed is levels of gore that would make Herschel Gordon Lewis blush. It glimmers like a pile of pig guts left in the sun.

The plot, as much as it can be said to have one, is this:

On Halloween two attractive young women are too drunk to drive and go to have some pizza. They encounter Art the Clown. Art is a black and white, offputting clown who doesn't speak.

One of the young women messes with him. Maybe that's why they're targeted later. It's hard to say for sure. Anyway,  they leave. Art kills the men working at the pizza place. First he shits all over the bathroom.  The movie takes a perverse pleasure in lingering over the feces. That's the tone we can expect for the rest of the film.

We get a decapitation then catch up with the ladies. They find their tires slashed.  They make a call for a friend to pick them up.

One of them goes into a building to pee.

Then art murders everyone in the vicinity.  The friend shows up. She gets almost murdered,  and Art kills himself.  That's the "plot".

There's nothing very interesting happening here. It's performative trash. This film gives us a woman hung upside down and cut in half crotch first. It seems proud of that.

Honestly,  this movie doesn't say or do anything that's worth saying or doing. Maybe it's aiming for some grim humor , but if so it misses the mark.

Terrifier wants to piggyback on the creepy clown fad, the enduring popularity of slashers, and torture porn ( Saw, Hostel, etc). Honesty,  watch anything else.

This movie is a dud.